MBB F 1500 LH


Robust, well-proven, and ideal for refrigerated vehicles

Product group: Foldable

Stowing neatly under the vehicle chassis, providing access to the rear of the vehicle when required, the MBB F 1500 LH tuck under lift range features a 4-cylinder lift mechanism for optimal operation at all times. Built utilising many of the well-proven components used in the construction of traditional cantilevers, it is easy to deploy and stow due to the power assistance from the tilt cylinders. The F 1500 LH has been specifically designed to fit refrigerated bodies, eliminating the need to cut into the thick insulated floor, whilst the F 1500 LH is ideal for dry freight operations.


1500.0 kg

Belka nośna

180 x 180 mm

Układ hydrauliczny

2 x siłownik podnoszący / 2 x siłownik zamykający

Rostaw ramion podnoszenia /Długość ramion

1310 mm

Środek ciężkości – ładunek na środku podestu

600.0 mm

Środek ciężkości – ładunek po jednej stronie

Mittig, 50 % pełnego obciążenia na stronę

Kąt pochylenia podestu

+10° do -10°

1.lifting unit with KTL-coating + power
2. steel platform
3.aluminium platform with R13
4.roll stops
{"1": { "x":182, "y":200, "mouseover":"lifting unit with KTL-coating", "onClickHtml":"</br>lifting unit with KTL-coating</br></br>All our lifting units are KTL-coated and reach 1000 hours in the salt-spray-test according to EN ISO 12 944-2 CSM.</br>" }, "2": { "x":218, "y":172, "mouseover":"hydraulic cylinders", "onClickHtml":"</br>hydraulic cylinders</br></br>One of our core competences is the cylinder manufacturing in our own plant. Here we produce about 65.000 cylinders per annum. A burst pipe protection is achieved by integrated current regulating valves.</br>" }, "3": { "x":333, "y":204, "mouseover":"electronic control", "onClickHtml":"</br>electronic control</br></br>The uniqueness of our control is the patented sensor system. Herewith we are able to read out and analyse all directions and speeds o motion.</br>" }, "4": { "x":380, "y":156, "mouseover":"control box with interior light", "onClickHtml":"</br>control box with interior light</br></br>The ergonomically shaped control box has an interior light as standard.</br>" } }